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Before you people start complaining there's no client, I'd like to hereby state that the owner has started as of Sept. 06/Aug 31 2012. Her estimate is the server will take one month. Now, please stop ranting and be patient.
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    GM Application Rules

    Toad Incarnate
    Toad Incarnate

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    GM Application Rules Empty GM Application Rules

    Post  Vortex on 2012-09-07, 7:36 am

    Application Rules

    • You will have to type properly, capitalizing the first letter of your sentence and using words correctly.

    • You must only type and speak English on this forum, regardless of your native language.

    • You must be at least 10 years old to be a staff member.

    • You are not allowed to attack or harass other members.

    • You must cooperate and team up with all the staff members to be able to apply for staff member.

    If you do all of this, you will make a great staff member Smile

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    GM Application Rules Empty Re: GM Application Rules

    Post  Kaiser on 2012-09-08, 2:59 pm

    Vortex wrote:Application Rules

    • You Need To Have Proper Typing Skills

    • You Must Only Talk In English

    • You Must Be Least 10 To Sign Up

    • You Are Not Allowed To Start Unnecessary Fights

    • You Must Cooperate With All Staff

    • You Need To Have Proper Typing Skills
    Pssh. Cause you have them.

    • You Must Only Talk In English
    You can't.

    • You Must Be Least 10 To Sign Up
    You're 9.

    • You Are Not Allowed To Start Unnecessary Fights
    Who the hell said I couldn't?
    • You Must Cooperate With All Staff
    Lol since when...

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