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PondMS v83 Custom GMS (2x Rates For 1st Month)

Before you people start complaining there's no client, I'd like to hereby state that the owner has started as of Sept. 06/Aug 31 2012. Her estimate is the server will take one month. Now, please stop ranting and be patient.
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    PondStory Coder Application Format

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    PondStory Coder Application Format

    Post  Lobster on 2012-09-16, 6:45 pm

    Hello. You're here because you want to apply as a coder for our server. However, you are going to need to fill in an application to show that you're what we need.

    Please copy and paste this format, fill it out, and post it in THIS BOARD(not this thread). Do not post it in any other section of our forum.

    What's your name?:
    Surname (Last Name)?:
    Your age?:
    Where are you from?:
    Timezone (What time would it be for you if it were 12:00 AM PST?):
    How long can you be online?:
    What coding languages do you know or can at least work with(Java, C++, Python, Hex, etc):
    When it comes to coding, how good do you think you are?:
    Have you worked on coding a MapleStory Private Server before (please don't mention other servers), or have any GM-related experience?:
    Why do you want to help us with coding the server?:
    If you are declined, what will you do? :

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