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Before you people start complaining there's no client, I'd like to hereby state that the owner has started as of Sept. 06/Aug 31 2012. Her estimate is the server will take one month. Now, please stop ranting and be patient.
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    [King]Afro GM Application

    Toad Incarnate
    Toad Incarnate

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    [King]Afro GM Application

    Post  [King]Afro on 2012-09-07, 8:31 am

    Given Name : Sky
    Surname : Salvatore
    In-Game Name : KingAfro
    Age :14
    Birthday : August-11-1998
    Country : Singapore
    Timeline : GMT + 8
    Online Times : After 7:00pm School day - Weekends holiday maybe earlier
    When Did You Join PondMS : September 03 2012
    Are You A Experienced GM : Yes, but is only a little.
    What Characteristics Do You Have : Kind, Responsibility and Love to Help people out.
    Why Do You Want To Be A Staff Of PondMS : Cause i wish to learn more about Staff from PondMs and i could help out more people when they need help and also could make this a very fun server!
    What Can You Benefit Server : Help to make people stay and love this server and help to catch some crasher from PondMs or hack someone who hack.
    What Will You Do If You Came Across A Hacker : I would Find Proof and Jail them. If is a really serious hacker, I'll will ban them or telling the owner First.
    What Will You Do If You Came Across A Advertiser : I would jail them and ask them why, if they still won't stop. I'll ban them.
    What Will You Do If You Came Across 2 Players That Are Arguing : Stop those players from arguing or and try to advise them to be friend and don't argue. If they still won't i would just ask them to ignore each other.
    What Will You Do If Your Declined : I will not do anything and i will still respect and help the server to get more and more people. And so, even if i saw 2 players arguing i will also stop them even if i'm still declined and i saw people Hacking, i will report to GM straight away when i saw people hacking or someone who was scamming i will try to find proof and post to the Forums and let the Owner or GM See.
    Additional Information : But i Really wish i wouldn't be Decline and i will always Support the sever!!!
    How Do We Contact You(Prefered Whatsapp) : Whatsapp Smile
    Toad Incarnate
    Toad Incarnate

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    RE : [King]Afro GM Application

    Post  Vortex on 2012-09-07, 7:22 pm

    Please PM Me Your Phone No.

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