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Before you people start complaining there's no client, I'd like to hereby state that the owner has started as of Sept. 06/Aug 31 2012. Her estimate is the server will take one month. Now, please stop ranting and be patient.
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    Kenn GM Application

    Toad Incarnate
    Toad Incarnate

    Male Posts : 11
    Join Date : 2012-09-07
    Location : Singapore
    Personal text : Sexy :3

    Character sheet
    Character name: Kenn
    Race: Demon
    Class: Luminous

    Kenn GM Application

    Post  ReySalvatore on 2012-09-07, 9:05 am

    Given Name : Rey
    Surname : Salvatore
    In-Game Name : Kenn
    Age : 16
    Birthday : 5 May 1996
    Country : Singapore
    Timeline : GMT +8
    Online Times : Everyday 4pm - 11pm
    When Did You Join PondMS : 5 September 2012

    Are You A Experienced GM : Yes. I'm quite an experienced GM. I can do anything you asked but only things within my knowledge.

    What Characteristics Do You Have : I'm a kind, helpful, loyal, intelligent and a responsible person. I'm a funny and interesting person who can chat about anything including anime and songs. I'm a person who keep my promise and I'll do anything I can in order to help my friends or surrounding people who needs help. I can speak English fluently.

    Why Do You Want To Be A Staff Of PondMS : I want to be a staff of PondMS because I want to help this server to be a fun and enjoyable server. I promise and aim to make this server the best server ever as people can stay and play for a long term of period. Most importantly, I wish to become a staff of PondMS because the owner is a Singaporean same as me and if I don't help my local people, I would be a jerk.

    What Can You Benefit Server : I can host many different events as I played many other private servers before and I had seen and played many events hosted by other GM. I will do my best to help this server and guide many new players. I can prevent any unhonest act such as people who are hacking and advertising.

    What Will You Do If You Came Across A Hacker : I will use the skill "hide" that is available for gm and i will stalk the suspicious player who is trying to hack. Then, if the player is really hacking, I will take a few screenshot and ban that player immediately. If that player wants to argue with us that he did not hack, I'll post the screenshots on the forum to proves that the player is hacking.

    What Will You Do If You Came Across An Advertiser : I'll take a screenshot and jail that person to warn him. If he dares to advertise the second time, I will take a screenshot and ban the person immediately. If that person tries to accuse me for abusing GM privilege, I would kindly show him all the evidence.

    What Will You Do If You Came Across 2 Players That Are Arguing: If I came across two players who are arguing, I will ask them why are they arguing and I will try to get as much detail as I can so that I can calm these two players down and stop the argument. If an argument breaks out again, I will ask the witness around there for more detail so that I can take actions of the event.

    What Will You Do If You're Declined : I would be sad if I'm rejected by you. I typed so much. But it's okay! I will still continue to play and respect all the GM and players in this server. I will still get evidence of hackers and advertiser by taking a screenshot and post it on the forum for the GM to take actions. As I said, I'm a fun and interesting person who can make many friends.

    Additional Information : I hereby promise that I will not do anything that is not right and I will abide by the rules you've given. I hope that I will become one of the staff. I'm [King]Afro's elder brother

    How Do We Contact You(Prefered Whatsapp) : Whatsapp! It's easy to use!
    Toad Incarnate
    Toad Incarnate

    Female Posts : 7
    Join Date : 2012-09-06

    RE : Kenn GM Application

    Post  Vortex on 2012-09-07, 7:21 pm

    Please PM Me Your Phone No.

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